Pit Bull dumped by owners was too scared to be rescued. Now she’s loving everyone

Before, Pit Bulls were considered as a dangerous dog breed. They were selected and bred for their fighting ability. Kept away in cages to fight one another. However, that doesn’t mean Pit Bulls are considerably aggressive towards other dogs and people. In fact, Pit Bulls have been known since long time ago as friendly, loving and loyal dogs.

The Pit Bull in the video below was found abandoned. At first look, some people would be scared to get close to him, but he is also scared, lost and trying to survive. Fortunately, his resuce needed only a little coaxing to save him.

Sadly, although fighting is now taboo, some Pit Bulls still have consistently bad lives. The abandoned dog in this video is proof positive that Pit Bulls are still abused and left to have miserable existences.

When this poor dog was discovered on government property, no one wanted to try taking her home. Instead, they got in contact with a rescue group named Hope for Paws which arrived on the scene immediately, according to Honest To Paws.

Since the dog was incredibly skittish, the team had to employ some cheeseburgers to lure her to an area where they could then catch her for her rescue.

Using a large dog cage, the team was able to trick the dog to follow the cheeseburgers into it. From a distance, the team watched with anticipation as she got closer and closer to the trap that they had placed. Thankfully, she fell right for the trap and went into the cage.

You can watch the entire video of their attempts to lure her into the cage and see the role that cheeseburgers played in the rescue mission. It’s nice to be able to cheer for a dog to be caught for a good purpose!

Once the dog was caught, the team hurried her to a local rescue shelter where she was given the care that she needed to help her move forward. Within a short period of time, she was finally able to show herself as being a truly sweet dog and she started to become loving toward the volunteers.

Thanks to the care that she received and her sweet personality, we are sure that this cheeseburger-loving dog will be able to find a new home in no time! We just hope that her new parents are ready for a lot of runs to McDonald’s!

Watch the video for yourself and then let us know if you would be a good home for this sweet girl. Do you think that Pit Bulls are dangerous or would you welcome them into your home without a worry?