Owner has optical illusion – Watch the hilarious moment he puts it in front of cat

Cats are known by their curious nature, they love to smell and investigate things. They are also smart, cautious and independant. The moment, your cat gives you all his trust and becomes comfortable with you, he can whenever he wants climb in warmth lap to get some cuddle and ask for love. His soft purring, closed eyes, and curled up position let you know that he feels safe.

While our furry friends are quiet and calm, they can show a ‘wild’ side as well. We have seen many videos of them pouncing, jumping, flipping and chasing.. Too cute to handle! But in this one particular video, the owner tries a different thing, he introduces his cat to a sheet of paper, but not any paper, a paper with optical illusion. He then hit record and wait for the cat to react..

The cat firstly sits still and keeps staring at the weird paper in front of him. Shortly after, you can almost see “the wheels circling” in his head as he gives light paws at the colorful “moving” pattern. This is clearly one confused kitty! As he continues to try to figure out the “brain bender” that’s been placed before him, he seems to become a bit frustrated – watch this silly kitty clip to see what happens next:

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