Army soldier, Steven Houston, surprised his mother, Theresa Hill, by returning home after two years of service. Houston knew that his mother would be overjoyed at seeing him, and he reminisced about a previous occasion when she reacted in a similar way despite his only being gone for two months.

In a video he posted online, Houston explained why he wanted to capture the moment. Having previously watched videos of soldiers returning home, he felt it was his turn to surprise his mother and create a heartwarming video.

Hill, who wanted to make the most of her son’s short stay, showed her appreciation for his service to the country and wanted to ensure he felt cherished and valued. “I just want him to feel happy at home because in the next couple of weeks, he’ll be gone back doing what it is he does for our country,” Hill said.

Houston relished the opportunity to relax and decompress with his family. He expressed gratitude for the chance to spend time with his loved ones and escape from his duties for a while.

The video of Houston’s reunion with his mother has been shared widely online, with many users commenting on the moving nature of the encounter. Houston’s brief return home was a reminder of the importance of family and the sacrifices that soldiers make for their country

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