Mom tells her dog to get out of the baby’s crib, but he disobeys her in a hilariously adorable way

If someone tells you something about dogs and kids, you can only believe them if they’re talking about love. These two species love each other. In fact, we’ve ran into numerous videos of kids playing with their canine best friends. The scene in this video serves to put an indelible stamp on that!

Here’s a little baby girl in her crib, and here’s this cute pup that’s all set to spread his love to the whole world. More importantly, this dog loves his sister, and he won’t mind her pulling his ears if it serves to make her happy. Just see how calm he remains all through!

As the little girl and her cute pup run their show, mom shows up. She’s been looking for this dog all over the house. When she spots him in the baby’s crib, she wants him out. But this dog doesn’t take commands from people who don’t pull his ears. He plays deaf.

Watch as this crazy Boston Terrier interacts playfully with the baby. How adorable.