At the start of the show, Kate took the reins of the opening solo. She donned a black kaftan adorned with a vibrant Bohemian print, her blond hair cut short and styled in tight waves. Completing her ensemble were delicate necklaces, dangling earrings, and a pair of patent boots that added a modern touch to the overall look.

“Hi, welcome to The Ellen Show! I’m Kate Hudson – I’m hosting the show with my mom. She’s late! She’s always late!” Goldie made her entrance as Kate finished her opening line, earning a resounding round of applause from the audience.

Goldie, sporting a white jumpsuit and large silver earrings, joined Kate on stage. With their typical short wavy hairstyles, they both ended up jumping for joy as the audience continued to applaud.

The duo exchanged compliments on each other’s looks, with Goldie playfully apologizing, “I’m so sorry I’m late! Did we start?” It was a bit obvious but endearing.

With both on stage, Kate continued the monologue, saying, “They told me to be myself and…” Goldie finished the thought, “I know, that was what I was worried about most, actually, about you being yourself.” The audience erupted in laughter, with both Goldie and Kate joining in.

Having been on The Ellen Show in September, where things turned into a comical ruckus, they were unsure if they would be invited back. Ellen, however, extended the invitation, giving them the chance to host the show—a wonderfully special moment for the pair.

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