Grandpa heartbroken after wife’s death. But when he sees what great-grandkid is holding, he breaks down in tears

After losing his wife of 63 years, François Vermeir was devastated. His dog had also passed away four months earlier. The family from Belgium, felt their daily visits to Vermeir were not enough to help him grieve. They wanted to surprise the 85-year-old with a companion.

The family showed up with a Yorkshire Terrier named Snoopy. As soon as he was given his new friend, the grandfather burst into tears. He is happy with his pup but also admits his family helped him. “I’m glad I have a new dog, but also such lovely children, grandchildren and a great-grandchild. Without them I might not have been here through the grief.”

Make sure you have tissue nearby because the grandfather’s reaction is certainly an emotional one. Watch it in the video below: