Extremely white peacock looks ordinary until he spreads his tail feathers

Peacocks are one of the most beautiful birds on planet, with their mesmerizing colorful feathers. Vivid blue, black and white, accompanied by jade green and gold with a magnificent fan for a tail might describe the typical peacock. But this peacock is totally different due to the absence of color versus an overabundance of color.

It’s not common to see a white peacock, bu this bird is a true head-turner. Instead of the pink eyes expected, he peers at you with the dark glistening eyes you would find in any normal peacock.

This is due to the fact that this peacock is not an albino bird, but is a leucistic fowl.

Leucism is resultant of a partial loss of pigmentation hence the white coloration that does not extend to the eyes while albinism is the absence of melanin, which causes the absence of color in the skin, hair, and eyes.

While this majestic bird is an anomaly of nature, he is stunning and as he spreads his tail feathers, he seems to know he’s putting on a show.

People are often shocked to hear that it is the male peacock that is blessed with the gorgeous tail display, not the female known as a peahen.

While the males are vibrantly colorful with huge tail feathers, the females are a muted drab color and sport a much shorter tail. The peacocks will use their multicolored tails to attract mates while the females simply need to watch their potential suitors put on a show.

Watch this beautiful white peacock in the video below:

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