In a recent incident at a bank, an elderly woman approached the teller to withdraw money. However, the teller promptly returned her bank card and informed her of the bank’s rules, saying that there were a lot of customers waiting and that she should use the ATM for withdrawals under $100.

The elderly woman then pleaded with the teller to help her withdraw all the money she had, to which the teller responded by checking her account balance and finding out that she had $300,000 in her account.

Unfortunately, the bank didn’t have that much cash at the moment, and the teller asked the woman to come back the next day.

When asked how much she could withdraw immediately, the teller informed the woman that she could withdraw up to $3,000. The woman requested $3,000, and the teller, with a warm smile, graciously gave her the requested amount. The woman then put $10 in her purse and asked the teller to return the remaining $2,990 to her account.

This incident serves as a reminder that we should never judge the elderly. They have spent their entire lives learning and acquiring the skills necessary to navigate the world around them, and they deserve our respect and understanding.

Credit to an unidentified Twitter account for sharing this inspiring story.


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