Almost everyone with a pet has most probably trained them on a few basic commands. You’ll be surprised that words like jump, sit, run, sleep and hug are no longer strange to pets especially dogs. They can actually understand and do what they’re told. Well, dogs have a brain for such commands, and this one here is one of the best!

So, what if I told you that a dog can be employed as an “enforcer” of sorts? In this video, you’re going to meet one heck of a serious dog that doesn’t let his orders slide. Apparently, this canine has been briefed by the nice owner about the need to end the cat’s little “excursion” beyond the owner’s vicinity. In light of this undesired circumstance, the dog has been tasked with bringing in the cat to the owner. What happens here will leave you overly sensational!

Watch as the canine walks up the feline and sets about carrying out his express orders. And there’s more to this: The cat is actually larger than the dog!

This left me speechless. You must want to see this right now.

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