A Mormon elder showcases some unexpected dance moves after a street artist displays his talent. While the elder may not possess the same intricate footwork or fluidity, he skillfully employs his arms, treating the audience to a bit of miming. The elder captivates onlookers as he guides an imaginary ball down his arms and around his torso.

Surprisingly impressive, the elder’s dance takes an exciting turn when he passes the imaginary ball back to the street performer, who seamlessly catches it. The mime show continues as if it were a choreographed performance from the beginning.

The dynamic interaction between the two performers keeps the crowd entertained. In a delightful back-and-forth of dance, the audience cheers on both the missionaries and the street artist. Recognizing the universal appeal of a captivating spectacle, these individuals, with their unique backgrounds, come together to create a thrilling, seemingly impromptu performance.

As the video unfolds, the temporary magic of this dance collaboration enchants the street, turning it into a stage where these two men become friends, and viewers from around the world momentarily set aside their differences to revel in a shared experience of old-fashioned fun

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