Boy And His Dog Wake Up Together, What They Do Every Morning Will Have You Smiling All Day

Everyone has their own morning routine. If you’re not a morning person, then we can talk about whatever it is that you do when you finally step out of the covers. Well, what you might not have realized is that it’s not just humans that have such routines. Animals do too, especially when they happen to be as smart as the cute one in this clip!

In fact, you’ll agree that pets and kids make the best of friends, especially if they happen to love doing similar stuff. Take, for example, when a kid loves throwing things stuff around and his dog loves to catch and bring them back. That’s the first team right there!

Now, what if a kid and a dog happen to team up for a similar morning routine? Picturing it, you just can’t say it wouldn’t be awesome to see something like that. Well, you might want to see this for yourself. This video here is about to steal your heart!

Watch as this kid and dog go about their usual morning routine that’ll leave you with some love for them. You need to SHARE this with your Facebook friends!