Baby elephant rejected by herd is lonely and depressed until he meets the most unlikely friend

Ellie is a baby elephant that had been rescued. He was not happy at all since his rescue. When he met with Duma, a German shepherd dog, his life took another turn.

Ellie was abandoned with his herd when he was rescued and taken to Thula Thula Rhino Orphanage in South Africa. When the veterinary checked him, they found out that he was sick and never liked milk at all. This created doubt in the rescuers if he would ever make it.

When he met with Duma, things started to change positively. The two became great friends who would not be separated from each other.

Karen Trendler, rehabilitation and crisis response professional, said that the amazing thing was that the baby elephant had been sick and emaciated. This made him to be demoralized in doing anything as he seemed tired all through. When they organized a meeting of Duma and Ellie at the sand pile, the baby elephant was motivated instantly and he started to show signs of improvement.
Watch the amazing friendship between the two in the video below: