3 months after dog, owner spots paw-prints in snow & starts her search

Kari Yarbrough and her two dogs got into a tragic car accident when they were on the way home to Colorado Springs. Things gotten worser than that, when Kari had an open warrant on her and was taken to Chaffee County Jail. Her dogs eventually were taken away from her and were placed in a yard by the police.

During that time, one of her dogs named Prince happened to escape the yard. When Kari escaped prison, she was heartbroken to learn about Prince’s disappearance. Nevertheless, she put all efforts into finding her lost dog.

Monika Courtney, an animal advocate from Buena Vista came to Kari’s rescue after seeing a social media post by her. She gave Kari a tent and camping supplies so that she could track the various sightings of Prince throughout the winter.

Finally, just a few days before Christmas, Kari found paw-prints in the snow. She knew immediately that they belonged to her beloved Prince, and started following them. And suddenly there he was! Curled up behind a church, after 96 days in the cold snow. However, he didn’t seem to recognize his mom.

Kari was so happy to finally find Prince again. The dog, of course recognized his owner after only few moments. Kari plans to shower Prince with lots of love. Finding Prince again was nothing short of a miracle.

Watch Prince’s moving story of survival in the video below!